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''You Shouldn't Dream Your Film, You Should Make It!'' & ''The Director Is The Only Person Who Knows What The Film Is About'' That's Right That's What Spielberg and Ray Said . And We ''Unity Pictures'' Following Them And Trying To Make A Small Sketch Book Which Will Be Full filled With Colorful Realistic Artworks .And The Sketch Book Is Our Camera :) The Colorful Realistic Artworks Are : Our Scripts,Directions,Sounds,Editing,D.O.P Skills.And We ''Unity Pictures'' Welcome To All Off The Artwork Addictors So That We Can Move Unitely. We ''Unity Pictures'' Will Try Our Level Best To Show The World What Is Mean By A Zero Budget Film..And How It Will Look Alike.If U Really Think U Have That Ability As An Actor,Writer,Singer,Cinematographer,Editor,VFX Artist,Sound,Designer,Script Writer Then : WE ALL WELCOMES YOU. 
Unity Pictures : The Way We Do

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Who We Are

A Distinct Identity

After Back To Back Successful, Award Wining & Worldwide Critically Acclaimed Films/Mini Series Now We Are On WEB SERIES. We Unity Pictures Don't Take A Single Penny From The Enthusiastic Actors,Editors,Cinematographer And Others .WE Opened This Platform For Upcoming Actors,Cinematographers,Editors,Writers ,Music Composers,Singers Where We Will Pay Them And We Will Give Them Opportunity To Perform .This Is What We Do .

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                                                                                      Award Winning Films   [80+ Awards & 170+ Official Selections ]

                                                                                                 India's 1st Horror Mini Series (2020)

                                                                                                   India's 1st Silent Mini Series (2022)

                                                                                                    Kolkata's 1st Sitcom (2022)

                                                                                               Films I Commercials I Originals I Web Series

                                                                     Worldwide Distributions At Worlds Top OTT [Amazon Prime I MUBI I Mx Player I Apple TV & More]

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THE CHASE_edited.jpg



  • THE CHASE  Was Our 1st Attempt And The Budget Was Rs.20.YES U ARE RIGHT THATS Rs.20.

  • Director INDRANIL BANERJEE Completed This Short Film Within 1 Hr And The Entire Post Production Was Completed Within That Day.

  • Cinematography,Script,Editing,Sound Also Done By INDRANIL BANERJEE.He Was Also The Producer Under UNITY Pictures Banner.

  • THE CHASE Earned FINALIST Recognition From LOS ANGELES CENEFEST SHORT FILM FESTIVAL And Then SPAIN,MIAMI,USA,KOLKATA,Everywhere The Chase Was Not Stopping Chasing Us.

  • THE CHASE Earned 26 WORLDWIDE SELECTIONS ...Including 3 Finalist And 4 Winners .

the mirage website pic.jpg



  • After The Massive Success Of THE CHASE Director & Founder Of UNITY Pictures INDRANIL BANERJEE Came Into A Decision That How About To Make Another Short Film Which Will Be Within 3 MIn ???


  • He Casted His Own Sister Is Also Co-Founder & Executive Producer In UNITY Pictures.

  • This FILM Became Very Much Popular And Critically Acclaimed In Again 24 WORLDWIDE Selective Competitions And This Time THE MIRAGE Earned 5 WINNING CROWNS.

Trinayani Website Pic.jpg

TRINAYANI - The 3rd Eye (2017) 22 Min (DRAMA)


  • This Was Our 3rd Venture Under UNITY Pictures And Directed By INDRANIL BANERJEE .This Short Film Achieved 15 WORLDWIDE Selections And Unlimited Screenings In Both NATIONAL And Internationally Includin 2 Winning Crowns.This All Started When The Different Complexities Of Life Binds Three Different Women Under Different Circumstances.

  • This Film Not Only Explores Love In A Completely Different Aspect Of Life But Also In Different

  •  Sexual Orientation As Well. Love Is Blind,Love Is Faith And Love Is Assurance.Sukanya Is Awkward,Feels 

  • Inadequacy And Needs Reassurance In love Where As Sunayana Is Opportunist Smart And Quick To Plunge 

  • Sulagna Is Protective Persuasive Timid And Shy

  • The Clash And Interaction Of Three Personalities And The Sudden Rediscovery Of The New Love That Sukanya Found In

  • Indro Is the Main Turning Point Of The Film ''TRINAYANI''

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                                                 ONE NIGHT STAND (2018) (26 Min) (THRILLER)

                                                             Directed By INDRANIL BANERJEE

  • After 3 Back To Back AWARD WINING Short Films Which Gave Worldwide Selections And Prestigious Screenings UNITY Pictures Introduced JOHN BUSSEY And AIMEE HINTON In 4th Installment ONE NIGHT STAND. A Thriller Directed By None Other Than INDRANIL BANERJEE. This Film Is Produced By INDRANI BANERJEE As Well.

  • Its Not Only Gave Shivering To Our Audience  In Kolkata Rather It Gave GOOSEPIMPLES To The Huge And Massive Loving Audiences In DUBAI ,LONDON,USA,BANGLADESH And Many Other Countries Where ONE NIGHT STAND Got Its Prestigious Screenings From Worlds 26 Film Festivals Through And 8 WINNING CROWNS.

  • Debopriya Chakraborty Who Played AIMEE In This Film Got BEST ACTRESS Award At BONG UTSAV SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2019,Kolkata INDIA.Not Only This Within The Release Of 4 Months ONE NIGHT STAND Got Prestigious FINALIST Acclamation At LAS VEGAS INTERNATIONAL SCRIPT WRITING AND FILM COMPETITION ,2019.

  • One night stand is one movie that defines obsessive love and possessive psychopath leading to fatal attraction between two completely different human being .It might seem like an erotic thriller at first but the ending is totally unexpected and that is the main USP of the film. This film is the story of an one night stand hook up between two young individuals gone awry. John Bussey and Aimee reconnect with each other the very next day after their one night stand rendezvous. John seems infatuated and obsessed with Aimee and systematically stalks her .Aimee seems to live under confusion and fear of the shadow John’s disturbing and looming presence. But when the movie begins to take its turn and mystery begins to unfold then that’s what’s puts the audience into the dilemma of trusting a free willed young beautiful independent girl like Aimee or an innocent yet submissive lover John or don't let their cupid saga distract them from their sociopathic red-flag behavior. However after things get real and violent and ridiculous lesson is learned – be aware of the aftermaths of One Night Stands as it is always better to be safe than sorry .

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HELLO (2019) (9 Min) (THRILLER / SCI-FI)


  • After 4 Back2Back Award Wining Shorts Unity Pictures Presents To You Another Psychological Sci-Fi Thriller Named HELLO .This Time Director INDRANIL BANERJEE Choosed A Spectacular Script Written By SOUNAK RAY. Active Member And Actor In Unity Pictures Production. Director Gave A Spine Chill Massage To The Lovely Audience And The World By Focusing A Word ''HELLO'' In This Short Things Gets Totally Complicated By A Phone Call. Director Casted RAJIB BISWAS as Lead And Introduced A New Genre Of HORROR.

  • ''HELLO '' Is Produced,Edited,Cinematography And Sound Designing Done By The Director Himself.This Film Already Nationally Premiered At MUSIC BANGLA Channel And Due To Critical Acclamation The Channel Repeated HELLO For 3 More Days.This Film Won 5 National Winning Crowns And Many Other Prestigious Wins Including Official Selections / Screenings Worldwide

  • HELLO Premiered At VOX CINEMAS Dubai I Diera City Centre Mall At 7th Emirates International Short Film Festival 2021.This Was The Only Sci-Fi Film From INDIA Which Went And Competed Under 30 Other Top Regional Film Category In Dubai.

OP Hello 2_edited.jpg
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4 Shades Of Leap (2020) (Season-1) (HORROR)



  • 4 Shades Of Leap Is India's First horror Mini Series Based On Incredible True Incidents. This Mini Series Is Directed By Indranil Banerjee And Produced By Him As Well.

  • It Consist Of 4 Episodes 5 Mins Duration Each

  • Ep.1 (Laxmi) I Ep.2 (The Doomed Destination I Ep.3 (Best Evil Christmas ) I Ep.4 (Muri Ghonto)

  • 4SOL Can Be Seen At AMAZON Prime USA & MX PLAYER 

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4 Shdes Of Leap (Amazon Prime).jpg
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URMIMALA (2021) (22 Min) (DRAMA)

  Directed By Indranil Banerjee

  • The main content or theme of ''Urmimala'' Is an author’s composition is to portray the stories and tales of the abstract, unreal, illusory and desultory world that exists beyond our imagination and understanding. Sometimes it is known as the parallel universe. The characters created by the author often becomes alive and vivacious in the auxiliary world of imagination and perception. The outcome of this creation of leads the author to talk and laugh with them and these characters becomes a part of the author’s subconscious life that precisely takes over his own consciousness. The arrival and departure of these characters happens in accordance to time and the author’s mood. For example, one day a beautiful floozy woman enters the author’s room at midnight. A totally quiescent and secluded aura prevailed all around. The lady comes towards the author and introduces herself ……Then what happened Is A MUST WATCH

  • Urmimala Won Prestigious 9 Awards (Istanbul,USA,Japan,UK,India & More) & 12 Worldwide Film Festivals

  • Urmimala Premiered At VOX CINEMAS Dubai I Diera City Centre Mall At 7th Emirates International Short Film Festival 2021.This Was The Only Sci-Fi Film From INDIA Which Went And Competed Under 30 Other Top Regional Film Category In Dubai.

  • Urmimala Got Critical Acclamations From National and International Leading Medias Like Telegrapgh,TOI,ABP And More

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Ujjhyo - The Unsaid (2022) (15 Min) (DRAMA)


Produced By : Maitrayee De

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Paanchphoron's  -  (2022) (Season-1) (SITCOM)


Produced By : Mohul Sinha


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Unity Pictures / You Tube


[Horror Mini Series]

Directed By : Indranil Banerjee 

Produced By : Indranil Banerjee

Presented By : Unity Pictures

Music & Editing : Indranil Banerjee

Cinematography : Tuhin Dasgupta

Written By : Indranil Banerjee & Tuhin Dasgupta

Cast : Goutam Chakraborti,Sreejani Mukherjee,Riddhiman Khan,Asis Pathak,Pradip Maity,Debopriya Chakraborty,Deboshmita Chakraborty,Sukanya Sen,Arka Bhttacharya

Urmimala - Official Teaser 2021 I Unity Pictures I Indranil Banerjee

URMIMALA ------------------- The main content or theme of an author’s composition is to portray the stories and tales of the abstract, unreal, illusory and desultory world that exists beyond our imagination and understanding. Sometimes it is known as the parallel universe. The characters created by the author often becomes alive and vivacious in the auxiliary world of imagination and perception. CAST ----------- Asish Pathak Piyali Dhar Sampa Mukherjee Satya Charan Sardar Gokul Mullick CREDITS --------------- Direction – Indranil Banerjee Concept By - Asish Pathak Written And Produced By – Kesto Mandal Cinematography – Tuhin Dasgupta Production – Unity Pictures Editing & Sound By - Indranil Banerjee For Watching Our Shorts / Series/ Originals Absolutely Free Click Here ► For more updates, stay connected with us on ►Website : ►Tweeter : ►Facebook : ►Instagram : ►Youtube:

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Writer,Actress & Producer



This Was All Started In The Year 2015 When Our AWARD WINNING Short Film ''THE CHASE'' Got 15 Worldwide Selections Including SEMI-FINALISTS / FINALISTS/ WINNER.Then I Produced A Short Film ''7+1'' Which Was Written By My Brother INDRANIL BANERJEE.This Film Is Going To Release This January 2018.Now Let Me Tell You Something About Myself .I Am A Writer,Producer And Creative Head In UNITY PICTURES.I Am Also The Founder And CEO Of This Production.I Created This House With My Brother So That We Can Throw Concepts And Generate More Creative Ideas In Films.I Am Also The Producer Of Our 4th Venture ''ONE NIGHT STAND''Which Is A Hardcore Thriller Short And Already Getting Critical Response For Its Teaser From Viewers.UNITY Pictures Is A Platform For New Comers .We Hire TALENTED And CREATIVE peoples.We Believe In Absolute Teamwork,Unity & Honesty  



CEO & Founder

Unity Pictures

I Know Two Things In My Life


Here Are Some Of My Critically Acclaimed And Award Winning Films

Direction In  Short Films

  • Reality Show (2014) [Short Film]

  • The Chase (2015) [Short Film] [5 Awards,25 Worldwide Selections]

  • The Mirage (2016) [Short Film] [4 Awards , 24 Worldwide Selections]

  • Trinayani (2017) [Short Film] [2 Winner,15 Worldwide Selections]

  • One Night Stand (2018) [7 Awards, 26 Worldwide Selections]

  • Hello (2019) [5 Awards,10 Worlwide Selections]

  • Hakchoooo (2020) [Lockdown Short Film]

  • Urmimala (2021) [Short Film] [9 Awards & 15 Worldwide Selections

Direction In Telefilm

  • Bahannobarti [2017]

Direction In Web Series

  • 4 Shades Of Leap (2020) [Season 1] [India's 1st Horror Mini Series]

Direction In TV Commercials

  • India Restaurent (2021)

  • Boneflare Wellness (2021)

As Producer

  • The Chase (2015) [Short Film]

  • The Mirage (2016) [Short Film]

  • Hello (2019) [Short Film]

  • 4 Shades Of Leap (2020) [Mini Series]

  • Boneflare Wellness (2021)

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